Chambres-en-Ville, Bed and Breakfast in Utrecht

Your Stay

When you arrive, you will be offered a drink by the hostess. Depending on the time of the day, there will be coffee, thea, or a glass of wine. You can have this in your own room, or in the delightful kitchen downstairs. Your hostess can tell you something about the city of Utrecht and things worth visiting. And of course you're free to ask her any questions you might have.

In the evening you can visit the city centre. Within walking distance (5 min.) there lots of restaurants. And of course many cinemas, theatres, pubs, etc. Or you can stay in your room, where you'll certainly feel at home.

The next morning there will be a lovely breakfast in the kitchen downstairs. This breakfast includes homemade bread and fresh orange juice. And of course we can fulfill any of your special needs.

To provide the best possible service, we'd like to know your time of arrival.